There are things that some states do well and things that some states are a bit not-so-great at. Take film and TV production. Ever watched a television program that ended with a large image of a peach and a melodic 'Made in Georgia' jingle? That's an example of a state that got TV and movie production right.

Georgia offers tax incentives to producers to film in the state.

Michigan used to. Michigan was once very robust in luring entertainment production - until it wasn't.

Michigan's media production incentive program and office was gutted in the late 2010s. How badly? While the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office website exists - and lists Michigan as "the preeminent place for filmmakers" - the last annual report from the office was filed in 2018 and the office's social media on either Facebook or X has not posted any updates in 2 years.

The New York Times has profiled efforts made by states in the form of tax incentives or direct payments to producers to bring tv and film work to thiers states.

The excellently reported deep-drive article uses Michigan as an example of a state that turned off the incentive spigot and watched production dry up.

Michigan lawmakers are considering trying to get back in the race. But it would come with a heavy price tag.

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Georgia, a national leader in the space spends $5 billion while New York shells out even more with $7 billion.

But it's tricky. A tax incentive doesn't necessarily mean an entire movie would film in Michigan. Say some exterior scenes were filmed in the state but interior scenes, scoring, editing and other elements of the film making process would happen elsewhere.

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Critics also say that the return to the state is either break-even or a losing proposition compared to the taxes the states forego.

While Michigan lawmakers debate the future of revitalizing the state's Film Office other states that have the hand-outs ready are taking the business.

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