Who doesn't LOVE a bounce house? Sure, you can say all day that they're just for kids, but this bounce house that's coming to Grand Rapids is anything but child's play.

"The World's Biggest Bounce House" is coming to Grand Rapids!

What Is This Giant Bounce House Coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan?

The Big Bounce America is a traveling inflatable event that brings all types of unique bounce houses made for all ages to different cities. Big Bounce will be in Grand Rapids at Mackay-Jaycees Park the weekend of June 28-30, 2024.

These aren't your typical bounce houses either. You can expect:

  • Inflatable obstacle courses
  • Basketball hoops
  • Giant slide into a ball pit
  • Giant maze
  • Inflatable "chill" areas
  • Climbing walls
  • Inflatable animals
  • Inflatable deep sea adventure/foam party
  • Plus so much more!
Courtesy of Big Bounce America
Courtesy of Big Bounce America
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And in the middle of all this? A DJ playing music, shooting off confetti blasts, and playing party games.

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They even have something that they've dubbed "The Giant" which is "3x longer than the average soccer field and featuring over 50 unique obstacles!"

Check out this video to get  a taste of what "The Giant" is all about:

How To Get Tickets for the World's Biggest Bounce House in Grand Rapids, Michigan

This isn't just for the kids, either. Big Bounce America even has times set aside for adults only (16+).

Tickets for toddlers (ages three and under) start at $22, tickets for junior sessions (ages seven and younger) start at $35, tickets for bigger kids (ages 15 and younger) start at $35, and tickets for adults only timeslots start at $45. All tickets for the event can be purchased through Big Bounce America's Website.

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