Growing up in Howell, I thought I was raised in a boring city but Apparently, I didn't have it that bad after all.

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A website has named the 10 most boring places in each state across America and this is what cities they picked for Michigan.

Apparently, These are the Most Boring Places in Michigan

Road Snacks used every Michigan city with at least 5,000 residents for this ranking.

This wasn't based on opinion either, they used data to support their results.

Here's how they did it:

We used the U.S. American Community Census data to gather the information presented here. Some of the things people tend to think of as making a city’s population boring include:



  • % of Population Over 25 (higher is more boring)
  • % of Married Household (higher is more boring)
  • Average Age (higher is more boring)
  • % of Households With Kids (higher is more boring)
  • Population density (lower is more boring)


Then, our algorithm generates a ranking for each place in these categories. After crunching the numbers, all of the cities ranked from most boring to most exciting.


10 boring Michigan cities

#1 Norton Shores

Population: 24,984
Average Age: 40.2
% Married: 47.0%

#2 Beverly Hills

Population: 10,550
Average Age: 47.1
% Married: 40.0%

#3 Marysville

Population: 9,973
Average Age: 44.3
% Married: 44.0%

#4 Tecumseh

Population: 8,678
Average Age: 40.6
% Married: 38.0%

#5 Chelsea

Population: 5,440
Average Age: 50.1
% Married: 38.0%

#6 Marshall 

Population: 6,806
Average Age: 45.4
% Married: 37.0%

#7 Gross Pointe Farms 

Population: 10,018
Average Age: 51.4
% Married: 45.0%

#8 Frankenmuth 

Credit: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Restaurant
Credit: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Population: 5,064
Average Age: 49.4
% Married: 45.0%

#9 - Woodhaven 

Population: 12,867
Average Age: 45.8
% Married: 41.0%

#10 - Swartz Creek 

Population: 5,865
Average Age: 43.2
% Married: 36.0%

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