A cocktail that looks like a winter wonderland in a glass is getting a lot of attention on social media - and it's actually really simple!

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A lot of videos I see online, I'm like, cool, but that looks way too hard - not this one!

Meg Quinn/ Instagram
Meg Quinn/ Instagram

Different versions of the "snow globe drink" have been making the rounds on social media. All you need is two ingredients: rosemary and something fizzy.

A mixologist in Grand Rapids was recently featured on Today.com for her take on the viral sensation!

Colette Doran, is a self-taught mixologist behind @colettescocktails. She's originally from the east side of Michigan and moved to Grand Rapids eight years ago for college.

Collette Doran, Instagram
Collette Doran, Instagram

In an Instagram video that has more than 30,000 likes, Doran shared an alcohol-free version of the snow globe cocktail. She uses ribbon and tape to hold the rosemary upright in the glass and then pours in club soda and freezes.

She also kicks it up a notch with coconut syrup to turn the water white and give the rosemary a snow-frosted look.

She uses club soda, but says you could also use La Croix. You could mix in your favorite spirit too! Doran tells Today.com,

Usually, if I’m making my own recipes, I have a few fails before I actually post it. This one I got right away.

In terms of using coconut water she says,

That was the twist I put on it, but there are a bunch of different ways you can make it your own. I’ve seen some people add glitter to the water, which is super fun, or do multiple rosemary sprigs so it looks like a little forest.

While it's unclear where the trend originated, Doran has certainly helped spread the word about it. Another content creator, Los Angeles-based creative director and food stylist Meg Quinn told Today.com she spotted the drink online last year and saved it to re-create herself this holiday season.

Quinn tells Today.com,

I was obsessed with this one. I just thought it was such a good idea. I would never have thought to use an herb in a drink that literally looks like a snow globe. You see the bubbles come up like flurries on the rosemary ‘tree,’ and it’s like, ‘Oh, how did they do that?’ I didn’t think it was necessarily going to go this viral, but clearly, people responded to it.

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