In Canada, July 1st is Canada Day.  It's when our friends to the North celebrate the day that Canada became a nation...well, kinda. (It's similar to the U.S.A.'s Independence Day, but not quite) You can read more about it here.  By the way, Happy Canada Day, Canada!

But here in the United States, July 1st means something completely different.  It's unofficially called "Major League Baseball Deferred Payment Day."  Or as I like to call it... "It's Bobby Bo Day!"

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"Bobby Bo" is former MLB player Bobby Bonilla (pictured above).  And every July 1st until 2035, Bobby Bo gets $1.19 million in deferred money from the New York Mets.  All because the Mets didn't want to pay him $5.9 million for the final year of his Mets contract (It's complicated, but you can read about it here).

It turns out that Bobby Bo isn't the only former MLB'er to get deferred money.  Here's a few examples:

Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter is getting his final installment of $1.12 million from the Atlanta Braves today (July 1st, 2021).  He then will get a final payment of more than $9 million from the Braves next July 1st (2022). Pretty good pension if you ask me.

Hall of Famer Ken Griffey, Jr. is getting just over $3.5 million from the Cincinnati every July 1st until 2024.

Manny Ramirez is receiving just under $2 million from the Boston Red Sox every year until 2026.

I'll stop there.  There are plenty of websites that track this stuff.  But here are the top ones, according to

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