Well football fans, Fantasy Football is almost upon us. Everyone gets together at homes, beer gardens, zoom meetings, and anywhere they can hold their Fantasy Football drafts. People can do this from all over the world because of zoom capabilities.

I have been in a very competitive league for the past few years. I really like getting prepped to see who I should draft. It’s to the point where Fantasy football comes to scientific grounds. There are tons of publications and info.

ESPN and other media outlets have so-called NFL draft gurus. I think that is overrated, to say the least. But sometimes they will give you solid advice. But not that often!

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Like I said, Fantasy Football has gotten crazy with the hype, trash talk, and people getting wild over their competitive nature. But it is hilarious.

Fantasy Football is what has made the NFL’s Red Zone so popular. Everyone is glued to the Red Zone because they scan over so many games in their multiple segments. Most people don’t watch the entire games, they watch the Red Zone.

Fantasy Sports in general have caught on like wildfire in the past 25 years or so. But Fantasy Football is a whole other beast. So, it’s right around the corner. Get ready for your draft. Get your information from wherever and get ready for another exciting year of the NFL and Fantasy Football. Good luck, you will need it.

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