I have played and participated in Fantasy Football for about six different years now. I actually thrive on the crazy competition. I am in a family and friendly Fantasy League. Everyone is cutthroat, and that’s what I like. Everyone is into it big time.

Now, what’s hilarious is everyone who is involved in Fantasy Football around the world are all cut from the same cloth. Everyone wants a piece of the golden cake. My stepson manages our league and does a great job. Not an easy task!

This weekend it all comes to an end. I will at least have made the postseason but screwed my roster up by not playing Jarvis Landry. But, live and learn.

All Fantasy Sports have become increasingly wild and crazy. But, like I said, everyone that is involved is into it and unbelievably passionate. No matter if you have a huge draft party (but because of Covid no one could this year), or with trades and pickups, everyone is looking for that diamond in the rough.

So, this weekend I will finish up going against my stepdaughter and son-in-law. This should be beyond entertaining. Good luck and Happy Holidays. And don’t break any lamps if your team doesn’t win.

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