Last night the MSU Spartan hoop team played like the Tom Izzo led teams of the past. Going into the game, MSU was a seven point home underdog, and they still prevailed.

Illinois came into the Breslin Center ranked number five in the country. Michigan State showed me they are not a soft team anymore. The MSU team stood their ground and didn’t back down from anything Illinois dished out physically.

MSU shot over 54% from the field, 50% from the 3 point range and only had eight turnovers. This is all without their point guard Foster Loyer.

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This team has now has beaten Indiana and Illinois, and they will play THE Ohio State on Thursday night at 9 PM.

Like we’ve said time and time again, don’t ever count out Tom Izzo. He has made the postseason 23 years in a row, and he’s not about to miss this year. T

His team has turned the corner from being soft to being “Bad Boyish." Is Tom Izzo’s team starting to turn the corner? They have some tough games ahead of them, but those teams know playing MSU won’t be a walk in the park anymore.

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