Somewhere in the commotion of players, coaches, media members and more on the field of the AFC championship game after the Broncos won 20-18, Peyton Manning met up with some old rivals and said this:

"This might be my last rodeo" said Peyton Manning to coach Belichick.

He used the word "might". Does that mean if Denver wins Peyton is for sure done and will go out on top like Jerome Bettis, Ray Lewis and dozens of other NFL greats did? Or perhaps will Peyton see how his body handles another offseason that will see him turn 40 and decide then if he will go at it again in the NFL?

It's worth mentioning if Peyton Manning gets the start for Denver he will set a record for oldest QB to start a Super Bowl at 39 years old, eclipsing his boss, John Elway, who started a Super Bowl at the age of 38.

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers await Denver just under two weeks from today in Super Bowl 50 taking place in Northern California.