What a good feelin' on a cool Michigan night.....lyin' in bed, fluffin' the pillows, wearing comfortable slob-around-the-house clothes, turnin' on the television to watch one of your favorite movies, and dippin' into a big bowl of your favorite snacks.

What's yer pleasure? Popcorn, corn chips, cheese curls, potato chips, nuts, crackers 'n cheese, cookies? Why not attempt what other brave souls have done, with an alternative snack...insects.

I remember many years ago I was visiting a drug store in downstate Michigan. There I found packages of chocolate covered ants and honeybees. I never saw them again. So does any other drug or party store in Michigan carry bug snacks?

Yeah, bugs. The critters you may hate just might be a snack alternative.

Grasshoppers, crickets, ants, scorpions, worms, bug larva, beetles....you think I'm kiddin'? (I wonder if someone will ever come up with fried or candy-covered mosquitos? Then it would give us a chance to bite 'em back...)

Below you will find 21 insect snacks that they say are nutritious...but do you have the guts to try some of these? Take a look at the bug snacks below and see if any of 'em whet your appetite...


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