Thank goodness for geotagging so we can search out the friendly faces of fellow Detroit Lions fans.

It should go without saying that the majority of Lions fans reside here in the mitten state. We are content to suffer for our local team here in Michigan, even though the team hasn't won a playoff game in 67 years.

However, even if you stay put, not everybody lives and dies here. Some people move away; sometimes, they move far FAAAAAR away and bring their Lions fandom with them.

Without further ado, the state with the most Detroit Lions fans in it other than Michigan is...

Kawaikui Sunset

HAWAII. Yes, really.

An online betting company called tracked and geotagged over 60,000 tweets since the beginning of the NFL season on September 10th that mentioned #OnePride, #GoLions, and #LionsNation. From this information, they determined that the state behind Michigan in Lions fandom is Hawaii.

We don't really have any information as to why; if that means that Michiganders have moved to Hawaii or there are just a bunch of native Hawaiians who love the team? Who knows. Either way, they love the Lions out in the middle of the Pacific.

The top 10 states for Detroit Lions fans are:

1. Michigan

2. Hawaii

3. Ohio

4. Indiana

5. Arizona

6. Nebraska

7. Iowa

8. Mississippi

9. North Carolina

10. Nevada

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