Well, the controversy continues about food. What do they call these people foodies? Whether it be hamburgers, pizza, Mexican, breakfast foods, the list is huge of who has the best. The question in our area who does have the best. I really don't care for those best of the best lists. I really believe most of the lists are filled out by friends and owners of the specific restaurants.

These foodies are really funny. Like, I've said you have to almost go out of your way to ruin these specific foods. I want people to tell us your favorite place to eat these specific foods. I ask people all the time, where do you like to go? I'm not talking about the wait staff, price, cleanliness. I am just talking about the food taste and quality of the food.

We at Townsquaremedia Lansing have free food Friday. So, if there are any restaurants that would like to participate just get a hold of me. You provide food for the staff of 20, and 55 gift certificates of a $50 dollar to be sold online at Seize the Deal. This is great opportunity for your restaurant to get great exposure and new customers. So, get involved to let new people know about your food and cuisine.