Michigan State's second-year head football coach Mel Tucker, at his weekly press conference on Tuesday, reiterated that he wants Spartan Stadium (seen above) to be called "The Woodshed."

Now, ESPN's Chris Fowler has used the term "woodshed" to describe a beatdown in college football or tennis (which Fowler covers at the major tournaments).  Like "Alabama took Miami behind the woodshed", for example.

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My question to you Spartan fans is:  "Do you like this?  Do you like Spartan Stadium to be called 'The Woodshed'?"

The 20th ranked Spartans host Nebraska this Saturday night at Spartan Stadium.  Oops, sorry Coach Tucker..."The Woodshed".  Coverage begins with the White Law PLLC MSU Football Tailgate Show from the Price Right RV Mobile Studio outside "The Woodshed" with Tim Staudt and David "Mad Dog" DeMarco at 3:30pm.

Seriously, State fans.  Do you like "The Woodshed"?


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