There's a farm in Michigan where you can travel back in time.

No, this doesn't require a time-traveling phone booth or a Delorean that can hit 88mph. Although, you may need to hop in the car to get there.

Wellington Farm USA, in Grayling Michigan, is a real, working farm modeled after life in the 1930s. Specifically, they say that this is,

Your Opportunity to Visit the Great Depression.

That's according to their Facebook page.

Now, look...I can't say that the Great Depression era is one that I've looked back on and thought, "Man, if only I could have experienced that in person." But, Wellington Farm focuses on preserving the history of the early 1930s. From crafts to demonstrating Depression-era farm equipment, it seems to be a history lesson come to life.

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What Is There To Do At Wellington Farm USA?

If you decide to visit, there are lots of activities to keep you occupied.

You can take a tour through their living history complex which includes:

  • The Stittsville Church that was originally constructed in 1882
  • The Summer Kitchen. This is where cooking, eating, and laundry were apparently done during the summer months so the heat would stay out of the main house. It includes
  • The Sawmill that was constructed in the 1870s and is still operational to this day.

You can see all of the stops on the tour here.

There's also a separate Crafters Alley with different buildings dedicated to different crafts. For example, the first building you visit is all about basket weaving with an actual person demonstrating the art of weaving baskets. There's also a broom-making demonstration, a loom house, a blacksmith shop, and more.

Love Tractors?

Well, good news. Wellington Farm, USA has an entire tractor and engine show displaying old tractors, steam engines, gas engines, and more that are all still working. You can see a few of them in this video from 2019:

Or, see a few more of the farm's features below:

If you'd like to do a little time traveling for yourself, you can find more information about Wellington Farm USA's experiences, treats, hours, and more on their website or by following them on Facebook.

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