George Perles (photo courtesy MSU)

Turns out former MSU head football coach George Perles isn't fond of the way Jim Harbaugh conveys his disagreement to officials.

Perles said on the Sept. 12 edition of the Sparrow Tailgate Show ahead of MSU's night game versus Oregon that he was disappointed in the way the new Michigan coach conducted himself with referees on the sideline during the Wolverines' win over Oregon State. Harbaugh erupted late in the second quarter after Michigan was flagged for roughing Oregon State's punter--see his reaction below:

"I don't think he's doing himself any good with that personality on the sidelines," Perles said. "I was disappointed in the way he acted."

Perles, who now sits on the MSU Board of Trustees, must not have watched much NFL football over the past handful of years, during which Harbaugh firmly ensconced himself as one of the game's more dramatic sideline characters. Just look at this masterpiece from the 2015 NFC championship game:

It's nothing new for Harbaugh. In fact, it may be genetic. His big brother has a penchant for temper tantrums too:

Aside from that, Perles said he was impressed with Michigan on Saturday, so there's that.