Have you been out to the pump lately? If you have, maybe you've noticed a slight dip in prices.

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Of course, you've got to factor in those Speedway points, as well Kroger reward points, but have you noticed it too.

Gas Prices Did Take A Dip Here In Lansing 

At most, it was only a slight dip in the price. You won't find anything phenomenal here in the greater Lansing area, but I won't say you won't be able to find anything either.

“Average gas prices saw a slight boost over the last week as the rising price of crude oil continues to push prices up." the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy Patrick De Haan, said. 

De Haan went on to later say we can expect to see more of a hike in prices in about 4-6 weeks.

Where Currently Is The Cheapest Gas Prices In Michigan?

There aren't a ton of places to fill up for cheap here in Lansing, however, gas was spotted at $2.79 here in Lansing, so gas isn't incredibly high here in Lansing. The most expensive place to get gas in Lansing will be roughly $3.49. 

According to GasBuddy, during the time this was written, there was a gas station in Detroit with gas prices at $2.69 a gallon.

What Apps Can Help Find The Cheapest Gas Around

Everyone likes saving a few bucks at the pump. Here are the apps that can help do just that.

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Read on to explore the cost of gas over time and rediscover just how much a gallon was when you first started driving.

Does Anyone Know What's Happening With the Old Groesbeck Stop Gas Station in Lansing?

As of November 2021, the Groesbeck Stop Gas Station is listed on Google as "temporarily closed". However, it looks like there may have been plans for a Jose's Deli--a Lansing favorite for Cuban food--to go into the gas station. Does anyone know what's happening with the old gas station? It looks like something may be going on, what with the dumpster in front.

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