Gas prices have been crazy lately across the country. In some areas, we reached prices higher than we've ever seen before.

A lot of businesses have been responding to those higher gas prices as well.

Local Businesses React To Higher Gas Prices

Last week, we needed to get one of our company vehicles towed, and the prices we were quoted and what was on their website didn't quite line up.

When we had asked them about the higher prices and quotes, we were simply told that it was due to higher gas prices.

Could Amazon Raise Prices Following The Spike In Gas?

The only real way Amazon can get products to you is through the mail. You get said products from an airplane, car, or truck, all of which require fuel.

sippakorn yamkasikorn via Unsplash
sippakorn yamkasikorn via Unsplash

Amazon may have already made some adjustments to those prices, and it may not be as obvious just yet.

A spokesperson for Amazon released this quote:

"We've already made several adjustments through pricing surges in impacted areas to help ease some of the financial challenges," spokesperson for Amazon told CNBC. 

Have You Seen A Surge In Prices Due To Higher Gas Prices?

As stated above, I've already run into a higher cost to tow a vehicle, just because the price of gas is so high right now. That service makes sense to raise prices on as well.

So, have you seen a rise in prices that is equally related to the spike in gas prices?

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Open the station app and hit the chat feature, tell us what you've seen a rise in prices with due to gas prices.

Here Are The Best Gas Apps To Help You Spend Less At The Pump

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