They are appearing everywhere, office break rooms, local Bakeries, and yes, even radio and t.v. stations.   If it's Fat Tuesday someone, maybe you, has a Paczki in their hand.

A bakery in Hamtramck has been making the delicious treat for 44 years.   New Martha Washington Bakery says the original day before Lent treat came in only 4 fillings.   Razzberry, prune, custard and  apricot.  Today there are 19 flavors to choose from.

Thanks to Quality Dairy for bringing in boxes of the sweet treat for our Fat Tuesday.

Each Paczki has around 300 to 400 calories and 15 to 24 grams of fat, depending.   If you can't decide to eat one or not, just remember they only are out once a year so it would be okay to splurge.


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