ESPN calls this their "Confidence Index" assessing each team's quarterback situation and how much confidence should be had across the league.

Detroit is among five teams in the "All Set" category, joining Indianapolis, Atlanta, Green Bay and New England.

The Lions part cites how Stafford has blossomed since Jim Bob Cooter became the offensive coordinator. He's due for a massive contract extension if he stays with Detroit, many estimate over the current high mark for quarterbacks in Andrew Luck's five-year near $123 million deal.

Other categories include, "Set, but for how long?", "Caught on a speed bump", "Trending up", "Just fine", "Keep it up", "Watch you back" and "No Idea".

Among other NFC North rivals, Minnesota falls in the "Just fine" category. They say even without Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford holds them above the other categories, citing his single-season record for completion percentage. Chicago falls into the "No idea" category, which sums up their QB situation aptly.

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