Whatcha been doing lately? Yeah, me too. Sitting around watching shows. Well, not so much watching anymore. Just kind of staring at the TV while it flickers. And eating. Doing a lot of eating these days. I love my potato chips. But I have to limit them, so I don't eat the whole bag. So, I get the snack-sized bags and just eat four or five of those bags every night. Didja know Michigan is the number ONE state for producing potatoes for potato chips? Yeah, I read it online while I was eating four or five bags of them.

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According to MSU Today, Michigan grows about 1.7 billion pounds of potatoes every year and about 70% of those turn into potato chips. And what you're tasting when you dive into a bag of potato chips is probably the direct result of research done at Michigan State University. One of the important breakthroughs they've made is breeding potato varieties that can be stored longer, which helps farmers at market and lowers costs.

All I know is they taste good with beer and Netflix. And if MSU needs taste testers...

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