Out of 291 cities across the entire United States, East Lansing sits at a thrilling, third-place when it comes to being the best places for college basketball fans.

I know what you're thinking, "we knew that already" but now we have some data to back it up! Also, just the fact other people can bask in our Spartans' glow is pretty rewarding in itself.

These findings come from research done by WalletHub where they used nine "key metrics" to compare over 290 cities such as the winning percentages of teams within those cities and how engaged people were with team social media accounts.

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East Lansing ranked the fifth-best when it came to "Best-Performing College Basketball Teams" and tied for first with four other cities for our social media engagement!

As a Wolverine, I do have to admit part of my heart does have a pretty big (house) part of it in Ann Arbor but as I work here in Lansing I cannot help but get more and more drawn-in to the Spartan spirit and the atmosphere is electric here!

Plus, I think you all would be happy to know that Ann Arbor barely scraped into the top 25 as Wolverine Country sits 20 spots below East Lansing at #23.

As Michigan State University faces off against UCLA in their first game of the big tournament on March 18th, East Lansing is all a-buzz with "Go Green!", "Go White!" glory, as we should be.

They're doing us here in the Lansing area very proud and we can't wait until we can all celebrate together the way we here in Spartan Country are becoming increasingly known for.

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