This year’s NIT Tournament is going to have a complete facelift. What I mean is there may be new teams playing in it that haven’t been there for many years.

Because of the Pandemic and many other reasons, Michigan State and Duke will probably be in the NIT Tournament. This of course has always been the secondary tournament to the Big Dance and March Madness. MSU has gone to the NCAA Tournament for 23 straight years, but it’s looking bleak this season. They just haven't gotten enough wins, and the same goes for Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils.

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This is absolutely mind blowing that I’m even doing a post on this bizarre situation. But, in fact, it’s reality. MSU and Duke are both elite programs, but this is sports and sometimes these things happen.

For instance, North Carolina won the college basketball National Championship and then they didn't go back to the Big Dance the following year.

Wouldn’t it be something if MSU played Duke for the Nit Crown? It could possibly happen, and if it does it would be the most watched NIT Tournament in years. Hey, you have to look at the bright side of things even when they don’t seem so bright at the time.

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