Over the weekend the very talented quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees, hung up his cleats and retired.

Brees has played in the NFL for 20 years and won one Super Bowl. He was drafted by the San Diego Chargers and then ended up with the Saints. He came out of Austin Texas and played college ball at Purdue.

Brees is a first ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer. He will then go into the broadcast booth because he has already landed an analyst job for NBC Sunday Night Football. He retires at the ripe age of 42.

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This past season, he was injured severely. Brees sustained 14 fractured ribs, and he still came back to play Tampa in the postseason.

Some of Drew Brees’s stats are 80,358 passing yards, 7,142 passing completions, 13x Pro Bowler, 287 games played, Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, 98.7 Passer rating and just a ton more unbelievable stats.

He is a credit to the game and a credit to his profession. He made the right choice because he has a young family and he can spend time with them now. 20 years is enough service in the NFL.

Drew Brees can ride off into the sunset with his head held high. Just a great guy and a greater career. He will say goodbye to his playing career but not to the NFL.

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