Get ready. Michigan is the next hot spot for coronavirus. I know it seems like we're already a hot spot, but during Thursday's White House press conference, Dr. Deborah Birx called out Michigan (and surrounding states Indiana and Illinois) as one of the next really hot spots.

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According to Bloomberg News, Dr. Birx (who looks like your mom, but used to be a colonel in the U.S. Army - wait - was your mom a colonel?) says positive tests are the key. New York and New Jersey have the highest percentage of positive tests at 35%. Dr Birx said:

We do have two states that have 35% positives. And that’s New York and New Jersey. So that confirms very clearly that that’s a very clear and an important hot zone.

She then went on to say:

Michigan, Connecticut, Indiana, Georgia, Illinois -- that should tell you where the next hot sports are coming -- are at 15% test positive

So - it's on, now. Then Dr. Birx went on to explain that this still comes down to washing your hands and keeping your distance from other people. Let's get on it.

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