They're beautiful, with tufts of white hair, and red and yellow spots, but the White-Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillar could give you a rash.

They're young and energetic and they like to hang out around blueberry fields in early July.

Nope, it's not your local Little League team, it's the white marked tussock moth caterpillar, and they will win you over with their stunning good looks. But they will leave you itchy and scratchy.

The moth and its larvae, the caterpillar have become widespread in Michigan and they pose a threat to blueberry crops and woodlands, but luckily they have enough predators that feast on them to keep them in check.

The downside is the pretty caterpillars are attractive to look at, and you may want to pick them up. DON'T!

Those pretty hairs are attached to venomous glands, and they will leave your hand itching, and possibly some more serious irritation of you're sensitive.

So look at them. Say 'you're pretty' to them, but don't pick them up. You can stomp on them if you want to get rid of some inner virus rage, but don't do that either. The world needs more pretty stuff. And besides, it's a meal for a bird.

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