What makes the 60s Detroit Tigers so memorable?
The 1960s Tigers seem to be among the most legendary of all the different incarnations of Tiger teams over the years.

The triple threat of Kaline-Cash-Colavito whenever they stepped up to the plate was what the audience waited to see…whether on TV or at Tiger Stadium.

The sportscaster team of George Kell and Ernie Harwell took us through all those TV and radio game broadcasts, and their excitement was real…not faked or forced. I loved listening to George almost fall out of his chair when he got excited, while Ernie could keep his cool a little better, but he definitely had his manic moments of unbridled enthusiasm!

After the 60’s, the Tigers still had heroes, but popular as they may have been, they were overshadowed by the great names that came out of the 60s: Al Kaline, Norm Cash, Rocky Colavito, Denny McLain, Billy Bruton, Gates Brown, Willie Horton, Jim Bunning, Jim Northrup, Bill Freehan, Steve Boros, Jake Wood, Chico Fernandez, Purnal Goldy, Mickey Lolich, Dick McAuliffe, Mickey Stanley, Don Wert, Jerry Lumpe, Hank Aguirre, Ray Oyler, Bubba Morton, Vic Wertz, Bubba Phillips, and Mike Roarke among them.

Even though some may disagree, a lot of fans of the 60s era seem to agree that there hadn’t been that much fan adulation for any particular Tigers since the days of Ty Cobb and Hughie Jennings in the early 1900s.

But why?

The concensus is that TV pushed the 60s team further into Michigan’s mainstream consciousness – there weren’t too many channels/stations to choose from back then. Today there are countless sports channels to watch (TV and internet) and people are split on their favorite teams. Whether that belief is true or not, the 60s Detroit Tigers are still admired and idolized to this day. Their legacy is truly incredible.

Take a look below at your Tigers from the 1960s!



Al Kaline

Willie Horton & Al Kaline

Ernie Harwell

Charlie Gehringer, Detroit Tiger From Fowlerville

The Original Tiger Stadium

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