The love-hate relationship with the Detroit Lions has been waging for years. You wonder why you continue to watch them year, after year, after year.

Then, once football season rolls back around, you're roped right back in and watching another year of a losing team.

Detroit Lions - The 1930's Till Now

The Lions have been a Michigan staple for nearly 100 years now. It's a past-time of listening, attending, and watching that has led to anger and happiness that only a true Michigander can relate to.

Regardless if they're the only team in the National Football League, who haven't attended a Super Bowl since the Super Bowl started, we still love them.

Take a look below at the Detroit Lions from the start, all the way up to the present-day Detroit Lions team. See how the team, logo, and graphics have evolved to where we currently stand with this Detroit-based team.

The Detroit Lions Throughout The Years With Collector Items

Love 'em, or hate 'em, they're still the good old Detroit Lions. Take a look back in time with some collector's items from over the years and see how the Detroit Lions have evolved over the years.

The Years That The Detroit Lions Didn't Do So Hot

Check out some not-so-good past years for the Detroit Lions.

You Think This Year's Team Is Bad? These Past Detroit Lions Teams Didn't Do Too Hot Either

Ah, our good old Lions. Most Michiganders know only the love-hate relationship that we share with the team. I mean, how could you not love the hapless Lions? They're our home team. With that being said though, they've had a win-less season before, which stings. Check out some not-so-good past years for the Detroit Lions.

Every Detroit Lions Quarterback Since 1960

There have been 40 Detroit Lions quarterbacks in the past 60 years, and not one of them has taken us to a Super Bowl.

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