The Detroit Lions made a big move on the defensive side of the ball this week as they traded with the Cowboys for Everson Griffen.

The trade was officially announced Tuesday night. The Cowboys agreed to send Griffen to the Lions in exchange for a 6th round draft pick that could become a 5th round pick depending on conditions. Both teams gain from the trade as Dallas clears a bunch of salary cap room, and the Lions add a key pass rusher to their defense.

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Detroit had been getting killed on defense prior to their win over Atlanta. Now with a favorable schedule, and the offense clicking, Detroit is entertaining the idea of making a run at the playoffs. Adding a veteran like Griffen on defense will only help Detroit in the pass rush game. The good news is that Griffen is excited to be heading to Detroit.

Griffen is best known for his 10 years in Minnesota where he made the Pro-Bowl. He is obviously near the end of his career, but the Lions are in need of a veteran pass rusher on defense.

Another interesting twist to this trade is that due to Covid restrictions, Griffen won't be available to suit up for the Lions until November 9th. Guess who the Lions play that week . . . that's right, it's the Vikings. That should give Griffen a little added motivation to prove that he can still make an impact on the game.

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