Less than two weeks after PGA golfer Dan Olsen made and retracted controversial comments about PGA policy, and, specifically how he thinks (thought) it pertains to Tiger Woods, longtime PGA staple John Daly went public with harsh, critical words regarding the association's policies as it pertains to drug testing. According to this article at espn.com, Daly says that the testing procedures are "a big joke".

During an interview with Patrick Meagher on his Sirius XM show, Daly stated that he knows that he will be drug tested prior to this weekend's Valspar Championship, as he has in previous years. "This'll be the fifth or sixth year in a row I'm going to get drug tested. It's the biggest bull----, I'm sorry, I'm gonna say it, fine me. I don't care what you do, fix 'em right now, fine me, but I'm tired of it," Daly said in response to Meagher's suggestion that PGA golfers know ahead of time that they will be tested.

"It's not random; it's a big joke. This whole drug testing is a joke," said Daly.