David Stern stepped down this past weekend as the NBA commissioner after thirty years. In Stern's first year in 1984 it was a bumper crop. That's when Hakeem, Sir Charles, Stockton, and Michael Jordan stepped into the NBA.

In 1991, Stern had to deal with Magic Johnson's scary announcement that he was retiring because he had contracted HIV. In 1992, was the greatest team ever assembled in the world the Dream Team with Magic, Larry and Michael. That team won the gold in the 1992 Olympics, and popularized the sport around the globe.

David Stern was the lightning rod who really internationalized the NBA. He was a tough and polarizing commissioner, that did what was right for the NBA to grow and prosper. He ran the NBA for thirty years, good or bad it was always what was best for the league.

Now the new commissioner is Adam Silver, he has been Stern's right hand man for years and is up to the task at hand. Keep this NBA trained fueled and ready to keep growing. David Stern was a perfect mentor for him with 30 years on the job and exposed to many things. Like, labor problems, a degenerate gambling ref, NBA teams relocating, just a few of some heavy situations. David Stern is now retired, he will be missed and should be proud of the unique job he did. Adam Silver has some Paul Bunyun shoes to fill.