Last Monday was a complete downer for myself and my wife Carole. We were out shopping on my week off and received a very disturbing text. It came from my very close friend Tom Matt. Tom sent me a text that Dana had passed away. I was in instant shock. I told my wife, and she was very distraught from this news. Dana Beachnau was Tom Matt’s stepbrother and a close friend.

I’ve known and been friends with Dana Beachnau since St. Gerard days when he played football with us for a while. Dana was an excellent athlete in his day. He was brought to our team through our head coach Joe Costello when I was in the eighth grade at St. Gerard. Anyway, I knew then this guy could play. He left our team because he was a St. Casmir guy and somehow they broke the rules.

What I’m getting at is I have known this man for many years. I got reconnected with him at least ten years ago because he has been a great salesman at ABC Warehouse. I just happened to go in there and he was working. I must have turned at least 20-30 people at least on to buying from Dana at ABC Warehouse.

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Things really changed this past winter though. Dana called me and said he would have to have Cancer surgery at UM Hospital and it was going to be rough. I was so bummed out for Dana because I knew this was also going to be tough on his family, friends and co-workers. Dana came through all of his surgery and treatments and had gone back to work.

Sadly, last Sunday he developed a blood clot in one of his lungs and it took his life. Just an awful situation. His funeral was this past Saturday. It was very sad, but so many friends and family were there celebrating him and his wonderful life.

Dana Beachnau was a great man, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, a solid coach and leader in the sports world, and an employee at ABC Warehouse for over 30 years.

He will be ever so missed but never forgotten. I love you, Dana.

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