In Michigan's thumb area in the town of Croswell lies what many feel is the scariest bridge in Michigan...the Croswell Swinging Bridge.

Scary? Depends on your point of view...are you afraid of a wobbly bridge and possibly falling into the water? In that case, it may be the least, that's what many other Michiganders think.

The bridge crosses over the Black River (which is brown, not black) and is not far from the Pioneer Sugar factory.

The bridge was built in 1905 as an easy access for sawmill and sugar factory workers to get to & from the park.....and to this day it is the longest swinging footbridge in Michigan. Upon viewing the pictures in the gallery below, it may not look scary to you, but this bridge definitely DOES swing heavily, back & forth when you walk across it over gaps and warped boards.

Even though it's not that high up, the scary part must be the fear of falling into the water and getting wet...other than that, there's really no life-threatening danger.

It's located at 45 Maple St. in Croswell, almost due east of Frankenmuth in the thumb area. Take a roadtrip over there and take video of someone attempting to cross over!

DO YOU KNOW OF A SCARIER ONE? If so, let us know...


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