Some more players and staffers with the MSU basketball team tested positive for COVID just recently. This has turned into a major hassle and frustration for Tom Izzo and his crew.

It was bad enough that Izzo had Coronavirus, but now it has really affected his season and playing the games. MSU has already missed three games, and now they will miss this Saturday’s game versus Illinois. This has been a bizarre season as it has been for the world with the Pandemic.

I know Tom Izzo will keep his team together during this frustrating COVID issue. But it won’t be easy. MSU was just turning the corner last year when the Pandemic shut down all of college hoop. All these sports teams have taken drastic measures to combat COVID, yet people still get sick. It’s very scary and frustrating.

Like I’ve said many times, I respect Coronavirus but I don’t fear it! So MSU will hope to play January 28th at Rutgers. Hopefully Izzo’s team will be at full strength. COVID is still a major hurdle with everyone’s life. All people can do is hang in there and hope for the best!

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