As we speak, now that the 2015 NFL Draft is over people are sizing up the 2016 NFL Draft. There are a lot of NFL Draft gurus.

Next year's NFL Draft should be very interesting from a local point of view.

Right now on a lot of guys' NFL radar, MSU quarterback Connor Cook is the number one pick in the very first round. That's right: Connor Cook, who just two short years ago wasn't the definitive starter in East Lansing. But he won a Rose Bowl and a Cotton Bowl.

Connor Cook is a top flight quarterback, but he will have to improve through hard work over the summer.

Now, don't get me wrong--this is all speculation and hype. But I really believe if this cat works his tail off and MSU has a strong season, he could be that man. My hope is that he dominates and MSU is one of four teams playing for a National Championship. If this happens, Connor Cook could be a legitimate candidate for a Heisman Trophy.

MSU has now turned the corner in college football. Mark Dantonio has it going on with recruiting and future recruits. So, lets just see in the next twelve months about Connor Cook's maturation process.