I know a LOT of Spartan fans that wanted to see change after a very disappointing season. To see our coach Mark Dantonio get a 4.3 million dollar bonus after THAT season... Is almost like a slap in the face to some.

It was a bonus for longevity and for all he has done for MSU. You know, all those new buildings you see around campus with the big Spartan head? Most of them he helped build. The additions and renovations to Spartan Stadium, yeah, he helped get us to a College Football Playoff Game that helped pay for that too. He became the coach with the most wins in the history of the program. He deserves the bonus.

But now he also deserves the hot seat. If changes aren't made to the coaching staff, there will be a lot of unhappy Spartan fans. He was laughing going into last season...

I didn't see that smile much this year.

Now he is the second highest paid coach in College Football.

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