"We don't need another hero."

Um- Yes, we totally do. Michigan State was mediocre the last few years. 7-6. It was a nightmare of a 2016 season and a surprise rebound in 2017 with 10 wins.

I sat in the stands in 2015 listening to fans say how Connor Cook SUCKED and we would be better off after he was gone. He lead us to the college football playoff. Dumbasses. Spartan fans NEVER knew how good they had it or how fast it would slip through our fingers.

The last few years have been hard to watch. It really seemed like Dantonio was phoning the recruiting and coaching in. Especially during the Michigan game last year when he really quit. So, the shelves are pretty bare when it comes to talent. There are some solid players but maybe one or 2 who have a shot at being drafted.

Coach Mel Tucker will have his hands full this year. They will be fortunate to finish 500 and that is ok. You need PLAYERS to develop. You need coaches with fresh ideas but most importantly, you need fans to be patient and stand by their team.

Coach Tucker is a great recruiter and we will have loads of talent coming in. It will likely be a few years before the Spartans can seriously be a top tier team in the Big 10 again. But that doesn't mean some legendary games can happen.

Back in 1998 during the Nick Saban era, MSU was 6-6 but they beat #1 Ohio State that year and hardly anyone remembers they lost to Michigan. The Spartans only had 2 players drafted off that team. One of the biggest wins in MSU history from a 6-6 team.

It will be an up and down season. Don't get to high and don't get too low. Stand by your team and GO GREEN!

Without expectations, there would be no disappointment.

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