Red Bull has become known for extreme sports and Michigan's natural beauty is eternal; the two come together to create a dangerous, thrilling new Winter activity.

Angela Van Wiemeersch came to Michigan in 2018 to climb "every single piece of ice in Munising." Fellow climber Sasha DiGiliuan and a Red Bull camera crew joined her.

This sport is inherently dangerous. No matter what you do, you can't control things. It's definitely an adventure.

-Angela Van Wiemeersch, professional climber

Pictured Rocks is known for lazy, picturesque kayak trips. Unlike kayaking, where just about anyone can stay afloat just by sitting still, ice climbing is not a novice sport- you don't want to be "just OK" at this. No matter how many layers you put on to ward off the cold, it will not cushion the fall.

Take a look at the Red Bull YouTube channel captures the ladies in death-defying action during their Upper Peninsula trip. When the water freezes, ice climbing takes Winter sports to new heights in Michigan.


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