The sheer cliff faces of the Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula are constantly changing, but it's still rare to catch an event like this on camera.

If you've ever taken a boat tour of the Pictured Rocks, then you no doubt heard the tour guide tell you that the cliffs are always changing. They rise more than 200 feet above Lake Superior at some points, and when they fall, it's not just a little splash. Jahn Martin was out with some friends on Lake Superior checking out the natural wonders of the Pictured Rocks when they caught the event on camera.

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The men were floating along on their pontoon according to TV6 when Martin started to notice that the cliffs were becoming unstable.

Martin told reporters that they could hear the cliff cracking, which is not uncommon, but the noises started to get louder and louder. That's when you can start to see parts of the cliff start to slide away. This is all completely normal for the Pictured Rocks landscape, but then a massive chunk fell, and things started to get dicey.

According to Martin, some of the waves caused by the falling cliff face were more than 12 feet high. Luckily they were able to float through the sudden huge waves, and share their video with the rest of us.

There was a video circulating from 2019 when a drone caught a random falling event that you can watch below. It's still an amazing site, but you don't get the feel for just how powerful it is when they fall. The video recorded last weekend gives you an idea of what it would feel like to be there in person when an event like this happens.


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