Today, Tim Tebow will make his major league debut in Spring Training in Florida. His team the New York Mets will be playing the Boston Red Sox. Tebow is trying to shock the world and become a major league player. His odds are pretty tough, considering he hasn't played baseball since high school. A lot, of people think this is a publicity stunt.

I saw an interview with Tim Tebow last week. I really feel he is really worked hard to get this opportunity. The Mets will face Cy Young winner Rick Porcello and the Red Sox. Tebow will be facing the best of the best. Tim Tebow  is a Heisman Trophy winner and was a Florida Gator that won two NCAA Football Championships. He played for multiple NFL teams and cannot play consistent quarterback in the NFL.

So, today Tim Tebow will make his major league debut with the New York Mets. All eyes will be on him. I really feel he will not make the roster, but at least he giving a valiant effort. Tim Tebow is a special athlete. But, even he cannot defy the odds and just become a major league player overnight. Let's see how this will workout for Mr. Tebow.

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