The Michigan Wolverines host the Northwestern Wildcats on Saturday in the Big House. Toe to leather is high noon.

Jim Harbaugh’s team is 6-0 and is not looking to next week’s blood bath versus MSU; first they have to take on the Wildcats this weekend.

Northwestern is a 23 and a half point underdog. Pat Fitzgerald’s Northwestern team is not that bad, but that is a lot of points as a road underdog. I really feel the Wildcats should cover that point spread.

In this day and age, you can talk about betting lines because sports betting is enormous in our great state.

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Michigan is ranked ahead of MSU in the AP rankings. Jim Harbaugh’s team has played very well so far. Harbaugh has taken much heat for not going to the Big Ten Championship game. But things seem to be different this season in Ann Arbor. The question is, can Michigan cover 23 and a half points?

I just don’t know. The bottom line is both MSU and UM will be undefeated when they clash next Saturday in Spartan Stadium (unless something extremely unexpected happens this weekend).

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