Here are just a few questions/comments that I have for state of Michigan sports as we enter 2021.

1.  Are we going to have a competitive professional team in Detroit in 2021?

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We know the Lions suck.  We know the Pistons haven't been any good since 2008. The Red Wings are coming off their worst season in more than 30 years.  Are the Tigers the most promising of the Detroit sports teams?  It might be.

2.  Will we actually finish the fall high school sports season?  And will the winter and spring HS seasons go off without a hitch?

Man, I hope so.  The Michigan High School Athletic Association has stretched the fall season into January because they want to finish so badly.  And you can count on there being a spring season.  They don't want to miss two spring seasons in a row.

3.  How does the Jim Harbaugh (pictured) situation at Michigan play out?

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Who knows??  He's under contract for another season.  He's not getting fired.  Because if he would have, it would've happened already.  I thought they would've agreed to a "mutual parting of the ways", but that hasn't happened either.  Does he take a vacant NFL head coaching opening (could be as many as 10 openings this offseason)?  We'll see.

4.  How many new players will be at Michigan State football this fall?

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Head coach Mel Tucker (pictured) has said several times that he needs to upgrade the talent on his roster.  His honeymoon is likely over.  Fans will want to see major improvement after a disappointing 2-5 campaign in 2020.  Counting the new recruits and possible transfers going out and coming in, we may see 1/3 (or more) of the roster different next August.

5.  Can MSU men's basketball get it together this winter?  And is Michigan basketball any good?

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As far as MSU goes, given their history, they probably will. Fans should be concerned, but don't panic yet despite a couple of bad losses.  Michigan is unbeaten and ranked in the top 20 entering the new year.  And freshman center Hunter Dickinson (pictured) has been their best player so far, but they haven't played anybody any good.  Like MSU, wait a few more games before making a judgement on them.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!  We'll talk to you again in 2021.

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