You can start and end the analysis for MSU Basketball's loss to Minnesota on Monday night with this number:  25.7.  That was their shooting percentage against the Golden Gophers in their 81-56 loss at Williams Arena.

There are just some nights that the ball doesn't go in for you, and Monday night was one of them.  The rebounding numbers were alarming as well.  Minnesota outrebounded State 52-36 (that's more of a concern than the shooting percentage, IMO).

MSU is now 0-3 in Big Ten play (6-3 overall), and while that is (and should be) concerning to fans, it is no reason to panic yet.

Why???  Because we're not even into January yet (I know we're close to it, but we're not there yet).  And we have seen Tom Izzo (pictured) get teams worse than this righted before the NCAA Tournament  (2005, 2015, anyone??).  Remember last year after they lost at Michigan?  They were unranked after that loss and some fans were freaking out.  I thought they were in trouble at that point.  But they still rebounded to become a major threat in the NCAA Tournament (which, of course, wasn't played due to the coronavirus pandemic).

Now, if they lose to Nebraska on the road this Saturday,  and then struggle in January?  Ok, then you start panicking, but just wait and see for a few more games before mailing this season in.  Are there issues to be concerned about??  Yes.  But they have time to correct them.  And knowing Coach Izzo's history, they probably will.

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