You didn't think the Big Ten Conference would be satisfied with 16 schools, did you??

Now word is leaking out that the B1G is looking to expand even further.  The university presidents have apparently have given new B1G commissioner Tony Petiti authorization to seek more schools (probably in the PAC-12) to join the league in the near future.

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This is beyond lunacy now.  We know the geography doesn't matter anymore when it comes to the current realignment craze that's going on.  It makes no sense geographically that USC and UCLA will join the Big Ten next year.  But because of big-time television money (FOX, CBS, NBC), it's happening.

Nowadays, it actually makes more sense for the B1G to ADD west coast schools to help cut down on travel for the Trojans and Bruins.  You now hear talk that Washington, Oregon, California, and Stanford could join the B1G soon.

WHY??  Money, and the need to keep up with the Big 12 and the SEC.

The Big 12 is adding Colorado for the 2024 season.  They have already added Cincinnati, SMU, Brigham Young, and Houston just to compensate for the loss of Oklahoma and Texas going to the SEC (in 2024).

Now you hear word that longtime ACC member Florida State is looking for a better financial deal and might leave for the SEC.

What if the Seminoles leave for the SEC?  Does Clemson, North Carolina, and/or other ACC schools join them?

And will the PAC-12 even exist if they lose Oregon, Washington, et al?

The Big Ten has to look at expanding further just to keep from being left behind the SEC, like it looks like what's happening to the PAC-12.  It's not a battle for survival, it's a battle for supremacy against the mighty Southeastern Conference.  Power Five??  How about the Power Two eventually.

Geography and common sense be damned.  As Rod Tidwell told Jerry McGuire many years ago:   "Show Me The Money!!!"  That's what's it's about.  TV Money, to be more specific.

And we're only talking football here.  What about the other sports?  Do those sports even matter in this discussion?  Stay tuned...

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