It's a debate as old as time. I'm sure you've had it multiple times with multiple groups of people throughout your lifetime and I want to bring the debate to the forefront once again this week.

What is the BEST sports movie of all time?

It's time for the Final Four!

As for the eight teams who matched up last round? We had two matchups that were close and two that were blowouts.

The close battles were:

24. Jerry McGuire defeated 22. Brian's Song (who, after further review, made it through to the next round edging Moneyball in the Sweet 16) 52% to 48%.

18. Major League upset 13. Field of Dreams 58% to 42%.

Now, the blowouts:

3. Remember The Titans downed 2. Raging Bull 77% to 23%.

8. Rudy outlasted 28. The Rookie 70% to 30%.

So, our Final Four is set... Geaux Vote:

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