My coworkers and I traveled to Detroit for the Tiger and Indians game last Friday. The Tigers lost and Miggy didn’t hit his 500th home run either. But, they bounced back on Saturday winning and losing on Sunday 11-0 to the Indians.

The Tigers are 58-62 overall today, in third place and 11 games back of the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox are having a very good season and are 18 games over the 500% mark.

The Tigers host the Angels on Tuesday in Detroit. They have to get back on their winning ways if they want to at least get to that 500% mark. This team is much better than the past few years, but they have to get better. With A.J. Hinch as their manager, they will.

Some of these players on the team now will not be there in the coming years. Hinch will weed out the dead-weight players, and some of the younger players in the minors right now will be coming up the rung to the parent team.

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The Tigers have smelled these past years so in turn have had high draft picks. Names like Torkelson, Dingler and Greene are just a few of the young talents they have in the minors. If the Tigers can bring these players along and sprinkle their team with one or two solid free agents, they will definitely be a contender for the postseason.

Right now, you should be buying into the future of the Tigers with Hinch as their manager.

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