The Detroit Lions were beaten on Sunday in Dan Campbell’s first game as the Lions head coach. He hasn’t won a game yet counting three preseason games.

This is much too premature to say the Lions organization made a mistake. Dan Campbell seems like a fiery guy, but unless you win and get production from your players, it’s all for nothing. Many people say the Lions could have done better with their hire, but you have to give Campbell a chance.

In last Sunday’s game versus the 49ers, the Lions were getting blown out. They did come back and make it competitive, but ultimately they were still defeated.

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Listen, the Lions have smelled for 50 years. People have hope that the Lions will one day get to the Super Bowl, but they could be light-years from that still. Dan Campbell can say all the motivational speeches he deems proper, but it must pay dividends.

The Lions fans have been supportive through all these bad years. Please get some better players in Motown in the next few years. With the Stafford trade, they have a chance to do that.

Hopefully the team has a good future ahead of them and we can all stop calling them the same old lie-downs!

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