We should have had a feeling this would happen when it was balmy enough for shorts in February, but weather forecasts are predicting a snow storm set to hit most of the lower peninsula, including the Lansing area, on Thursday.

Thursday morning weather forecasts across most major networks call for a rain/snow mix in the morning that turns to all snow by the afternoon, with temperatures around the high 20s and lower 30s.

Though exactly how much snow is a little uncertain, the conservative estimate is about an inch or two of accumulation across the board. However, some models report that anywhere between three and eight inches could fall depending on how strong the storm stays and where it hits.

As Michiganders an inch or two of accumulation is nothing in most cases, however when it comes in the month of April it's a little absurd. A good rule of thumb for me is that if Opening Day has happened (or in the case of Comerica Park happening later in the week) my general tolerance of snow is completely gone.

Unfortunately it looks like we all are going to have to bear one more snow storm.

The good news for everyone is that by Sunday those same forecasts put the high temperature in the 60s. So any snow that can stick to the ground will be gone by the weekend.

Minor as it may or may not be it's just another example in an ever growing list of Michigan's wacky weather patterns.

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