Michigan State's 2017 spring football game was played with a lot of attention given to who wasn't on the field to start, but ended with a glimpse into how good key offensive players will be in 2017-18. This despite the fact it was the defense who won the game 33-23.

On the surface the game looked to be a showcase in depth, with star talent like LJ Scott, Donnie Corley and Messiah DeWeaver missing on the offensive side of the ball, and with the defense missing stalwarts like Demetrius Cooper, Josh King and Tyson Smith plenty of players had the space they needed to step up to make an impact in 2017.

With that here are three things we took away from the Spring Game looking ahead to 2017.

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    Brian Lewerke Should be the Starter at QB

    This is assuming he doesn't have the job locked up already.

    Since media doesn't have depth chart listings from the spring practices we can't speculate where he sits currently on the depth chart but previous reports stating both Messiah DeWeaver and Damion Terry were nursing injuries coming into this game and with Lewerke's previous performance prior to injury last year and his performance today he seems to have the lead heading into the summer.

    Lewerke made quality throws all day long including his first one which was a dart that went for 39 yards to Trishton Jackson. However, he did throw two picks in the game including one that had to be categorized as a miscommunication.

    Lewerke's only big quarterback competition this game was walk-on Colar Kuhns who featured in a secondary role at QB today only throwing 13 passes.

    Lewerke's final line was 25-44 for 305 yards and a TD and 2 INT's.

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    Trishton Jackson is a Favorite Target in the Offense

    Jackson's first play catch just ignited a fire that kept burning all game long. Running free in a couple of places and making strong catches against coverage, Jackson looks to make a strong step forward in his sophomore season.

    No Donnie Corley or Felton Davis III in this game really allowed some receivers to shine and Jackson stepped up in a big way when given the opportunity, though he didn't score his performance will shine through if any film study of this game will be done.

    Jackson's line from today's game finished at eight catches for 168 yards. He outpaced his entire 2016 season output which was five catches for 89 yards and a TD.

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    Madre London Looks Ready for a Bounceback Year

    The third head of Michigan State's three-headed monster at running back last year looked very good in today's game breaking a couple of runs for 20+ including a 75 yard run for a score.

    London was another guy who completely outpaced his 2016 season (28 carries, 120 yards, 2 TD's in 2016) with a strong line that finished at 15 carries for 127 yards and a score.

    Gerald Holmes finished with 21 carries for 61 yards to finish the running back depth chart.

    With no LJ Scott on the field (recovering from offseason surgery) it was tough to compare how London looks compared to the incumbent starter. Though Dantonio made mention in his postgame presser of how crucial Scott will be in 2017 saying "he's too important' to play and risk injury in the spring game.

    That being said what was an "open competiton" to start last year between three guys seems to now be LJ Scott and whoever steps up to complement him. After this game, Madre London looks ready to be that guy.

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