What is it about our state that makes it so difficult to portray correctly on a map?

It's Shaped Like A Mitten In The Middle Of Giant Lakes!

So it shouldn't be that hard to get it right, right? But it seems like cartographers (which is a fancy term for map makers) just can't seem to ever get it right. They're either lopping off a peninsula, melding us all into one weird land mass, or confusing us with Wisconsin, which is just inexcusable.

This One Got Us Right, Until They Started Filling In The Details

Everything shape wise with this map, which was posted to the Metro Times Instagram feed, checks out okay, but then they started putting art work in which didn't make any sense, or spell anything right.

Let's start in the Upper Peninsula, which is where cartographers tend to screw things up. Everything looks great, until you notice it's "Like" Superior, instead of "Lake" Superior, which I guess could be some sort of weird pun. But since all the other Great Lakes are spelled fine, I think it's just a lack of adequate supervision.

And are those fish in Lake Michigan dead? Why are they floating awkwardly on the surface?

Spell Check Exists -- Why Does No One Use It?

Speaking of spelling -- I kind of like their new spelling of our state capitol. Instead of "Lansing" it's "Lancing" as it Mid-Michigan is a giant boil on our state, which it kind of is, so I'll let it go.

In the place of Grand Rapids is a big buck, and those are plentiful around our state, so no harm there, but what's with the corn fields up north? Has this person ever even been to Michigan?

Fact Check? What Did Native Americans Live In?

It's the teepee up between the Ottawa and Hiawatha State Forests that kind of bugs me the most. Mainly, for personal reasons.

I remember being lectured long and hard by Sister John Margaret for a mistake I made while writing a paper about Native Michiganders in seventh grade. I illustrated my paper with a similar teepee, only to be reminded that if I was paying attention to her lesson, I should have known that in the woodlands, the Chippewa lived in long bark houses called waginogans, or wigwams, NOT teepees. It cost me an "A".

One day, they'll get it right.

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