So, now that former quarterback Connor Cook is finished at MSU everyone is a critic. Cook didn't participate in last weekend’s Senior Bowl. To me why overreact? He was hurt during the season and missed the Ohio State which they won. My point is he has proved his toughness during his outstanding career at State. But, a lot of NFL draft gurus have been on his case.

Connor Cook has developed somewhat of a salty reputation in the past couple years. First of all he was not voted a team captain by his teammates; in some people’s eyes he has big timed some people. I never have witnessed this. Also, after MSU won the Big Ten Championship Cook totally dissed two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin. Although, Cook was pro-active to handle the damage control with this very negative situation.

Connor Cook can control his own destiny and future in the NFL by going to Indy and performing well at the combines. He probably wasn't totally healthy, when MSU was crushed by Alabama. People will always be critical, so Connor Cook needs to be focused and utilize advice from friends of his in the NFL and coaches. If I were him, just control what you can and don’t pay attention to chumps.

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